Humane Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are nuisance wildlife.  As such, humane squirrel removal Atlanta is important to residents. There are many reasons you would want to get rid of them and one reason is that you absolutely don’t want those pesky little critters taking up residence in your home. When squirrels take up residence in your home, they are hoarders by nature and not just nuts. Squirrels have been known to hoard out things such as jewelry and toys too. No matter if it’s one or more squirrels in your home, they present a disease risk. Because of their droppings harbor bacterial pathogens that have been known to cause human diseases, along with the fleas and other parasites they carry.

Squirrel damange

Not to mention the damage they cause. Squirrels like to gnaw for many different reasons, but mainly to gain an entry or exit to a place and to sharpen those little teeth. Squirrels have been known to cause house fires by chewing and gnawing throughout houses. And their gnawing of holes through your walls and floors also allows for other pests to enter your home.

Other pests could include but are not limited to rats. A rat can fit through a hole that is the same size as a number 2 wooden pencil. Not very big hug? But once one gets in thats all it takes to wreak real havoc on your house. And the smell can be atrocious along with the damages caused by then. Rats multiply really fast. So before you know it your home is infected with all kinds of rodents and vermin. All thanks to one little squirrel.

But not to worry. Those can be safely and humanely removed from your home. First the professionals will come out and access the situation. Find out which squirrel it is your having problems with. They have a vast knowledge of the different types of squirrels and what their damages are and which way is the best way to trap them, so they can be humanely removes. Them they will help you with the clean up of their destruction and droppings throughout your home. Your home will be satisfactory cleaned and decontaminated so that your home is safe and free of the unwanted animals.

Most often the squirrels will be trapped in a humane cage, removed from your property, and safely released somewhere else so they can find themselves a new home with a new beginning. Using professionals is the best way to get rid of them. Then after they have been safely removed the professionals will seal up the entry way that the squirrels created in order to gain entry to your home.

Squirrel removal
Once all the entry and exits have been fixed your home will be critter free and they will also look around and inspect your home for any other ways for squirrels or any other creatures to try to gain entry to your home. Once all of that is took care of you can rest easy knowing that your home is not likely to get reinfested with them or any other kind of animal.

These people are professionals and have plenty of education concerning wildlife and how to safely, effectively, and humanely diagnose which animal that is destroying your home and happiness. They have experience with most every animal in how to detect, and remove them safely. It’s best to let the professionals deal with any wildlife problems you might have. Whether it’s squirrels, rats, deer, coyote, birds or even other exotic creatures like snakes, No matter how big or small or strange and creepy your unique situation is call the professionals. They will be glad you did and so will you.